Portable Water Quality Tester EZ-86031 6 in 1 Portable Digital Do Conductivity TDS Salinity pH meter Tester

Product Description

– LCD besar dengan tampilan beberapa parameter secara bersamaan
– pH, Konduktivitas atau Salinitas atau TDS, Dissolved oxygen & Suhu
– Mode genggam dengan desain tahan air IP67
– Auto temperature compensation ( ATC )
– Mulai otomatis untuk pengukuran konduktivitas
– Kalibrasi beberapa titik: 3 poin untuk pH, 1 poin untuk D.O., 4 poin untuk konduktivitas
– Ketinggian secara manual/ kompensasi salinitas untuk pengukuran  D.O.
– 99 poin memori dengan fungsi recall
– Matikan otomatis 1 jam
PH range/resolution:2.00-12.00/ resolution:0.01
PH accuracy:+/-0.1
Cond range:0-199.9,0-1999us/cm,0-19.99,0-150.0mS/cm
Cond. accuracy:+/-1%F,s+/-1digt
Cond resolution:0.1uS/cm, 1uS/cm. 0. 01mS/cm. 0.1mS/cm
TDS. Range ns:0-1999°1,0-1999·1ppm.0-19.99°.0-150.0ppt
TDS. Accuracy/res: +/-1%FS+/-1 digit; res: 0.1, 1ppm: 0.01, 0.1ppt
TDS Factor:0.30-1.00
Salinity range:0-10.00ppt: 0-42,ppt(SEA WATER)
Salinity accuracy/res:+/-1% F S+/-1 digit: res: 0.01 ppt. 0. 1ppt
D.O. range:0.0-199.9%(0.0-30.0mg/L)
D O. Accuracylres:+/-3% of F.S. +1 digit res: 0.1
Temp. Accuracy/res:+/-0.5c:0.1
Compatible probe: PH probe, EC probe and D.O probe  Could be all used on one meter at the same time
LCD size(mm):32.5(H)X54(W)
Operating temp. &RH%:0-50°c   Humidity <B0%
Storage temp. &RH%:0~60°c      Humidity 90%
Dimension( mm):
4PCS AAA Batteries(Not Including Package)
Standard Package:
Meter/Manual/Carry case
Standard Probo: PH probe/Cond. Probe/D O Probe/D O. Electrolyte
2 Membrane set/cable clip (User can decide which
probe to be included as standard)

Additional Information

Weight 43000 g


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